Migration from Multilogin 6 to Multilogin X

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We know you're excited to move from Multilogin 6 to Multilogin X, our latest and most advanced platform. Good news! We are developing a migration tool to make the process as smooth as possible.

We will keep supporting Multilogin 6 with new browser core updates for several months. However, the main development focus is now on Multilogin X.

Migration tool


We can't wait to share with you a reliable migration tool, but quality takes time. Our current ETA is Q4 of 2023, so we won't leave you hanging for too long.

Make sure to follow our channel @multilogin for updates and join discussions in @multilogin_chat on Telegram.

A sneak peek into the process

So, how's the migration tool going to work its magic?

  • Profile migration: the tool will focus on migrating your profiles from Multilogin 6 to Multilogin X — this ensures that your hard work and configurations are retained
  • No overwriting: the tool will not overwrite your existing profiles in Multilogin X, they will stay in your account
  • Test drive: after migration, you'll have the opportunity to test your profiles in Multilogin X — if anything goes wrong, you can go back to working in Multilogin 6 until we sort things out

Take advantage of both apps

Bonus time

If you have an active Multilogin 6 plan, you're in for a treat. Use the same email to register in Multilogin X and get the same subscription for free! This way, you'll use it in both systems, but pay only for one. Pretty neat, if you ask us 😎

Once you log in, your paid Multilogin 6 plan will become available in Multilogin X. You might need to wait for a minute or two and refresh the page. For example, if you have a Team plan in Multilogin 6, you will automatically get a Team plan in Multilogin X with another set of plan limits.

Safety first

Don't overthink: we did it for you. You can run both Multilogin 6 and Multilogin X on the same device — it's completely safe. Feel free to keep using Multilogin 6 for your current tasks and try out Multilogin X for new projects.

And before you ask: you can use Multilogin X together with its browser profiles on any browser. For example, you can launch a Multilogin X Mimic or Stealthfox browser profile on Safari, and it will not cause any fingerprint inconsistencies or data leaks.

If you have any questions or run into any bumps along the way, don't hesitate to message our support team. We're here 24/7 to make your transition as seamless as can be.

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