Setting up Multilogin with SOAX

Updated 6 months ago by Igor Vilinchuk

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This article will guide you through the process of adding a SOAX proxy to Multilogin. You can find more information about this proxy provider on their official website.

Before adding proxy details to your browser profile, complete the below steps in your SOAX dashboard.

  • Make sure that your local IP address is whitelisted
  • Set up the following parameters for manual and quick integration:
    • Login
    • Password (changes according to localization parameters chosen)
    • Domain/IP
    • Ports: any value between 9000 and 9999 (depends on the number of ports available for your subscription plan)
    • Protocols: HTTP or SOCKS5

Check this official SOAX documentation page to learn how to connect using login-password authorization.

Here's how you can add a SOAX proxy into Multilogin browser profiles.

  1. Click "Create new" or navigate to the settings of an existing profile and go to the "Proxy" tab
  2. Select "HTTP" in "Connection type"
To fill out proxy details automatically, convert SOAX proxy format username:password@host:port into IP:port:username:password format and paste it into the "New address" field.
  1. Put into the "New address" field
  2. Put a value from 9000 to 9999 into the "Port" field (this number should match the one you’ve chosen in your SOAX dashboard)
  3. Enter your SOAX credentials into the "Login" and "Password" fields
  4. Click "Check proxy" to ensure that the proxy connection can be successfully established
  5. Click "Create profile" or “Update” → "Start" to save and launch a browser profile with the proxy you set up

Video on the topic

You can find a video guide on setting up a SOAX proxy here.

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