Error: Failed to get IP data: can't connect through proxy

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The following errors usually indicate an issue on the proxy provider’s side:

  • “Failed to get IP data: can't connect through proxy”
  • “Can’t open session”
  • “Connection test failed”
  • “Error” or “Proxy error” in browser profile status
  • The profile is stuck on “Launching“ for a long time
  • "ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED", "ERR_TIMED_OUT", "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" in the browser profile window

To confirm this, try to connect to your proxy through a regular browser.

You can use a browser extension to test proxies in Firefox and Chrome. You can also refer to these pages for instructions on how to test a proxy on Windows and Mac. If your proxy doesn’t work through a normal browser, reach out to your proxy provider for further assistance.

You can also provide our support team with proxy details (proxy type, IP, port, username, and password), and we will test them for you.

If the proxy works through a normal browser, then most likely it is not returning the IP dependent data: Timezone, Geolocation and WebRTC. To set these values manually, first check your proxy IP on and then follow these steps:

  1. Disable “Fill timezone based on the IP” and define it manually:
  1. Disable “Fill WebRTC based on the IP” and put in your proxy IP (or choose the “Disabled” mode):
  1. Disable “Fill geolocation based on the IP” and define the coordinates manually (or choose the “Block” mode):
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