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Multilogin allows you to share and transfer your browser profiles with other Multilogin users, which can be your friends, clients or virtual assistants. When you share a browser profile to other users, he or she will be able to access the browser profiles with the same cookies, local storage and extensions (if enabled),  tabs, proxy settings, browser parameters, and fingerprint overlays.

Solo plan users can only share the browser profiles with the Team and Scale plan users. Team and Scale plan users are able to share the browser profiles with all users, including Solo plan users and sub-accounts.

The process of sharing a profile can be accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Choose a browser profile you want to share
  2. Click on browser profile setting and click “Share”
  3. Insert the email address of the person you want to share this browser profile with
  4. The account holder with whom you've shared the profile  will receive an email that the browser profile is accessible to him/her
Note! Session sharing includes read, write and share capabilities. In other words, when you share a session with another user, they will be able to access, edit and further share the browser profile settings.

Manage team

By hovering over the number of members that have access to any particular browser profile, you are able to see the list of Multilogin accounts to whom this browser profile was shared. By clicking on that number, you open the 'Manage team' section, where it's possible to either revoke access from a particular team member or fully transfer the profile on another account.

Revoking browser profile access

If you no longer wish to have the browser profile accessible to a user, with whom you recently shared a profile, you can revoke access by clicking on the restrict icon.

Transferring a browser profile

When you share a browser profile created by you, with another user, you are the owner of the browser profile by default. This means that if the browser profile gets deleted on your account, it will be consequently deleted from all other Multilogin users, with whom this profile was shared. However, you may transfer this ownership by clicking the arrow icon.

After the ownership has been transferred, you can delete the browser profile on your account, but it will remain on the user account, to whom the ownership was assigned.

Changing hardware fingerprints

When sharing and transferring browser profiles, be mindful that if you set Hardware fingerprint masking to Noise mode, and another user opens it on a machine with different hardware installed, the website may see that the Hardware readouts (Canvas, AudioContext, and WebGL) are not persistent across multiple launches.

The added noise is persistent. However, it is added as a filter on top of the existing machine fingerprint. So, if the machine, from which the browser profile is launched, has changed, then the readouts also change.

If non-changing readouts are required on multiple devices, then there are few solutions:

  1. Use the Share and Transfer functionalities on identically configured Virtual Machines (VM) or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with Hardware fingerprints set to Noise mode. Since these machines will be set up the same way, the masked hardware fingerprints will remain consistent on multiple machines.
  2. Share profile between identical PC models with the same hardware, driver and OS setup. Since these machines have the same hardware setup, the masked hardware prints will remain consistent on multiple machines.

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