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This page explains how to set up Multilogin with GeoSurf Proxy solution. You can find more information about this proxy provider on its official website.

Manage your GeoSurf IP

Before setting up Geosurf proxy with Multilogin, you first need to whitelist your IPs in your GeoSurf dashboard.

  1. Log into your GeoSurf account
  2. Go to ‘Account Settings > Manage Your IPs’ page
  3. Click ‘Add IP’
  4. Enter the IP where your network located
  5. Click 'Add' 

Setting up a Multilogin browser profile

  1. Go to the 'Plugins' section
  2. Activate the GeoSurf proxy plugin
  3. Create a new browser profile
  4. Select GeoSurf in the proxy setting page
  5. Select the proxy type: HTTP
  6. In the IP, port, username and password fields, insert the related data (you can get the info from your ‘ GeoSurf Gateways - Gateways’ dashboard)
  7. Save the profile and launch to see the changed IP address

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