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This page explains how to set up Multilogin with GeoSurf proxy solution. You can find more information about this proxy provider on their official website.

Manage your GeoSurf IP

Before setting up GeoSurf proxy with Multilogin, you first need to whitelist your IP in the GeoSurf dashboard.
  1. Log into your GeoSurf account
  2. Go to "Account Settings" → "Manage Your IPs"
  3. Click "Add IP", enter your IP and click "Add"

Setting up GeoSurf proxy with Multilogin

  1. Go to the "Plugins" section
  2. Activate the GeoSurf proxy plugin
  3. Click "Create new" and go to the "Proxy" tab
  4. Select "GeoSurf" in "Connection type"
  5. Select "HTTP" in "Proxy type"
  6. Fill out the IP, port, username and password fields with the data from the "GeoSurf Gateways" section
Paste the proxy details into the "IP or host" field in the format IP:port:username:password or host:port:username:password and other fields will be populated automatically.
  1. Click "Check proxy" → "Create profile" → "Start"
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