How to avoid data loss in Multilogin

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Multilogin can store different types of data in your profiles (cookies, history, passwords, and so on). You can read more about it in this article.

While cookies are stored by default in every profile, you can manually enable history, password, and bookmark saving both for a specific profile (via “Edit” “Advanced” “Storage options”) and for all new profiles (via “My account” “Default profile settings”).

Whenever you stop a profile, your session data gets encrypted and uploaded to AWS cloud servers. Each time you start a profile, your data is downloaded to it. If this process gets interrupted, the data may get lost. In this article, we will talk about possible causes and solutions, as well as general recommendations for avoiding data loss.

General recommendations

Follow these steps to ensure that the data is saved each time you stop a profile.

Close & Save

You can use the “Close & Save” button to stop a profile as an alternative to the regular X button, which performs the same action. Make sure the synchronization is completed successfully, as instructed in the next step.

  1. Click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your browser profile
  2. Pin the blue Multilogin extension
  3. Click on the extension and choose “Close & Save”


After you stop a profile, wait until the status “Syncing…” disappears and a pop-up confirmation “The browser profile is successfully saved” is displayed.


In some cases, synchronization fails, and the solutions below will help you resolve this issue.

If Multilogin is installed on several devices, it is recommended to log out from the app on those where the Multilogin account is not in use.

Profile size

When a profile size becomes too large, there can be considerable delays in data synchronization. In this case, we recommend that you disable the following storage options via “Edit” “Advanced” “Storage options”:

  • Service worker cache
  • Bookmark saving
  • History saving
You can disable bookmark, history, and password saving for all new profiles via “My account” “Default profile settings”.

3rd party apps

Antivirus, Firewall, VPN, and certain proxy applications (Proxifier and SocksEscort) installed on your computer may block Multilogin from working correctly. The best option here is to uninstall such apps, but you can also try to disable them or whitelist Multilogin in their settings.


Some internet service providers may block or domains. Here are several known examples:

  • Three UK
  • Yota
  • MegaFon
  • Virgin Media
  • Vivo (Brasil)

To check if that is the case for you, try connecting to a VPN, another Wi-Fi network or use mobile internet as a hotspot and then restart Multilogin. This can also help if the speed of your current ISP is slow.

Send us logs

If the issue persists, send us your log files, and we will investigate it further for you. To make sure the log file has the information we need, follow the steps below.

  1. Restart Multilogin
  2. Recreate the issue (for example, start a profile, try to edit it and so on)
  3. Click “My account” “Open logs directory”
  4. A folder will open – archive all log files in that folder and send the ZIP or RAR file to [email protected]

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