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What is Multilogin X?

Our most recent product, Multilogin X, represents a significant architectural upgrade. Based on our extensive field experience, we designed it from the ground up with enhanced performance, heightened security, and exciting future updates in mind.

Multilogin X is a web-based app that allows you to manage browser profiles and teams securely and efficiently from a single browser. Furthermore, it follows an API-first approach, making it simple to ensure flexibility, scalability, and seamless integration.

Is Multilogin X a desktop app?

Multilogin X is a web-based app – you can access it from any browser without the need to install a desktop app.

Can I use Multilogin X on a mobile device?

We have not yet adapted the interface for mobile use, although a few actions are available in the desktop view: managing team members, workspaces, groups, and browser profiles. Note that to launch browser profiles, you still need a desktop device or a laptop.

Can I use Multilogin X on Safari and other browsers?

Yes – you can use Multilogin X together with its browser profiles on any browser. For example, you can launch a Multilogin X Mimic or Stealthfox browser profile on Safari, and it will not cause any fingerprint inconsistencies or data leaks.

Can I log in to different accounts in the same browser and work simultaneously in separate tabs?

Yes, you can.

How do I submit my feedback?

Thanks for your interest in providing feedback – we love hearing from our users!

You can join our Telegram chat to engage with other users and the Product team or use the help widget to chat with Support. Your feedback helps us make improvements, so please don't hesitate to get in touch :)

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