Multilogin X vs. Multilogin 6

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We will keep supporting Multilogin 6 with new browser core updates for several months. However, the main development focus is now on Multilogin X.

About Multilogin X

Compared to Multilogin 6, Multilogin X represents a significant architectural upgrade. Based on a decade of experience, we designed it from the ground up with enhanced performance, heightened security, and exciting future updates in mind.

Multilogin X allows you to manage browser profiles and teams securely and efficiently from a single browser. Moreover, it follows an API-first approach, making it simple to ensure flexibility, scalability, and seamless integrations.

Redefined features

We're revamping features before adding them to Multilogin X. So, while some aren't available just yet, you can look forward to enjoying them in a better version in the future. They may end up looking differently or becoming a part of an alternative feature set. Here is a list:

  • Profile types: mobile profiles
  • Profile management: profile transfers to other accounts
  • Profile and proxy settings: a button “Get new fingerprint”, custom screen resolution range, custom DNS, SSH connections, media device masking, bookmark/history/password saving toggles, custom extension preloading, human typing emulation
  • Cookie management: cookie import, CookieRobot
  • Interface: dark mode
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✔️ Web-based interface accessible from any browser, including mobile

❌ Desktop-only experience with no ability to access the app from a mobile device


✔️ Available in all plans

✔️ All features are available as API endpoints

✔️ Advanced documentation 

✔️ Higher rate limits

❌ Available in Scale and Custom plans

❌ API endpoints are limited

❌ Documentation is limited

❌ Lower rate limits


✔️ Local profiles for exceptional speed

✔️ Cloud profiles for multi-device access

❌ Not available

✔️ Cloud profiles for multi-device access


✔️ Quick profiles for single-use tasks

✔️ Trash bin for restoring deleted profiles easily

✔️ Advanced bulk actions: launch, stop, move to group, move to/restore from trash bin

✔️ Quick profiles for single-use tasks

❌ Deleted profiles are lost forever

❌ Limited bulk actions: move to group, delete


✔️ The owner and three advanced team member roles 

❌ The owner and two limited team member roles


✔️ Ability to manage several projects from a single account

❌ Not available

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