Cookie Import

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Browser cookie, also known as HTTP cookie is a file which is saved on a client side and used for saving user data. One of the main function of cookies is user authentication. By using cookie import feature in Multilogin you can import cookies from your regular browser into Mimic or Stealthfox browser.

Before importing JSON cookies, you can make sure that the file is in correct format by using JSON validator.
  1. Choose a browser profile
  2. Click on browser profile settings button and click “Cookie import”

  1. Paste your cookies (JSON or Netscape format)
  2. Press "Import Cookie" button

Please notice that existing cookies will be overwritten if you import another set of cookies for the same website.

You can also import cookies into your browser profiles by using cookieImportJSON and cookieImportNetscape Local API endpoints. Both endpoints are described in our swagger documentation (A.k.a OpenAPI Specification).

How to export Cookies

Multilogin browser profiles support only cookies in JSON or Netscape format. If you are planning to export cookies from your browser then you can use one of the following extensions:

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