Error: This browser profile is not accessible on the current version

Updated 1 month ago by Igor Vilinchuk

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Sometimes, users can see profiles with lock icons instead of the "Start" buttons next to their names. After hovering over the icon, a pop-up message appears with the following warning: "This browser profile is not accessible on the current version. Please upgrade to continue using it.”

This error means that you are trying to open a browser profile that has been updated to a newer version.

All profiles that are created or updated on newer versions cannot be opened on previous versions of the Multilogin app.

To resolve the problem and launch these profiles, download and install the latest version of Multilogin. After that, click the green "Update" button on the right of each profile.

When you click "Update" you may get this error: "There was an issue in updating the profile. Please contact our support at [email protected]". This can happen if you reset your password using the "Forgot password?" functionality. The solution to this issue is described here.

To avoid an issue with the lock icon in the future, make sure that you and all of your team members have the same version of the app installed on their devices.

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