The hidden truth behind Facebook Ad account bans with @johncasto3105 | Podcast #2

Updated 2 weeks ago by Yana Shch

On the Multilogin podcast, we interview specialists from IT industries where Multilogin is used, from affiliate marketing and e-commerce to ticketing, betting, scraping and more. We bring you expert insight into key industry topics, such as how multiple accounts can help you scale, or strategies and tricks for avoiding account bans. It’s always growing, so make sure you subscribe.

We're speaking to John, an entrepreneur who scaled his e-com business to 4,000,000+ yearly revenue and now focuses on helping others achieve stability with Facebook Ads.

In this episode, we discover the hidden reasons that trigger Facebook account bans and take a deep dive into what you need to do to have your Facebook Ads running with as few interruptions as possible.

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