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  • What happens if I lose my password? 

Your master-password is the key that encrypts your session data (cookies, tabs, etc). In case you lose it, you will not be able to access your session data stored on our server. Your password encrypts your private key which in turn encrypts everything else. Resetting the password will only get you access to your account and browser profile settings, but your session data will remain inaccessible. Since we do not know your password, we cannot help with getting it back. Have a look at the articles about account security and data safety

  • How to change the password without losing access to my sessions?

Your Multilogin password can be changed from the application itself. Just open the Multilogin app:

Click on "My account" link that is located the left-hand-side panel

Click "Change password" button

Note: you will not be able to change the password without knowing your current one. If you forgot your password read "What happens if I lose my password?" 

  • How can I change my Multilogin email address?

Please send us an email from your registered Multilogin email address to [email protected], and we will change it for you ourselves. 

  • Instead of changing the password through My account settings, I reset it through "Forgot password?" by mistake. What should I do now?

If you remember your previous password we can get you access to your sessions back. Just drop us an email to [email protected].

  • Will I have the access to my session data after the password change?

Yes, you will. Only resetting the password makes session data inaccessible.

  • I requested a password reset but didn’t receive an email. What should I do now?

Please make sure you checked your Spam/Junk, Social and Promotions folders. If the email is not in any of your folders, please contact our support by email [email protected] or live chat for the solution.

  • How do I log out other users from my Multilogin account?

If you want all your team members who are using your account to stop using it, you may use the “Change password” function. Next time your team member starts Multilogin app, they will be logged out and need to input the new password.

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