Stealthfox Browser

Updated 1 year ago by Daniel

StealthFox is a custom built browser software based on Firefox engine. From websites’ point of view, it is indistinguishable from vanilla Firefox. The ultimate goal of StealthFox is to spoof all important browser parameters while rendering all counter-counter-fingerprinting techniques ineffective. In other words, in StealthFox we predict and deceive methods that websites might implement to discover that we are spoofing browser parameters.

There are three most important features that distinguish StealthFox from the vanilla Firefox browser launched and modified by Multiloginapp on-the-fly:

  1. Fixed critical vulnerabilities that potentially allows websites to reveal the fact of browser parameters being spoofed.
  2. Native support of all spoofing methods (unlike in Multiloginapp+Firefox combination, where spoofing methods are being injected in a browser during the launch) including:
    1. Native Canvas fingerprint spoofing
    2. Native Time Zone spoofing
    3. Native JS screen size and CSS media query screen size spoofing
    4. Native spoofing of Navigator object
  3. Human mistake prevention, e.g. StealthFox won’t allow maximizing browser window beyond browser resolution that is being spoofed.

Stealthfox is automatically downloaded when Multiloginapp is first launched. However, only Pro and Agency users are able to launch browser profiles with it.

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