Error: Javax.crypto.badpaddingexception: pad block corrupted

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The following errors indicate that a password was reset using the "Forgot password" functionality:

  • "Javax.crypto.badpaddingexception: pad block corrupted"
  • "Can't initialize encryption keys"
Your master password is the key that encrypts your session data (history, cookies, tabs, etc). By resetting it with the help of the "Forgot password" functionality, you are losing access to your session data stored on our server. The only way to retrieve access is to remember your old password.

​If you remember your old password, contact support, and we will send you further instructions on how to restore access to your existing profiles.

If you don't remember your old password, here's what you can do to continue working with minimal losses:

  • Clone your existing profiles in the Unassigned folder — they will have settings and proxy details of the parent profile, but all session data (cookies, history, etc.) will be lost
  • Delete all existing groups and profiles within them — they can not be cloned and will cause encryption errors in the future
  • Create new profiles and groups
  • Re-add your team members

To avoid this issue in the future, a password needs to be changed using the "Change password" functionality under the "My account" tab:

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