Canvas Defender

Updated 1 year ago by Daniel

Canvas Defender algorithm is an advanced version of the algorithm used in our Canvas Defender browser add-on. You can read here how it compares to other solutions available on the market.

Canvas Defender counter-fingerprinting technology is available as a sub-option of ZeroFingerprints option in browser profile configuration screen in Multiloginapp. Currently, Canvas Defender offers two different modes: Noise and Block.

Noise mode

When websites request a Canvas function readout from your browser, Canvas Defender algorithm on Noise mode intercepts it in the middle of the way and adds a random but consistent noise to the readout. The best analogy to understand how it works would be a voice modifier. When you apply voice modifier with a particular preset, it changes your voice, making it significantly different from your original voice but consistent over time.

The first canvas fingerprint masking noise is generated when you enable “Canvas Defender” option on Noise mode in the browser profile parameters and save the profile. This browser profile will now have consistent canvas fingerprints, which are masked by a generated noise.  As of now, you can only generate new Canvas fingerprint along with other fingerprints by clicking “Generate New Fingerprints” button.

Block mode

Unlike the noise mode, when the canvas readout is modified, block mode completely disables the ability of the website to read canvas.


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