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Issue: Browser profiles are stuck and not opening

In most cases, you need to check if these problems are proxy related by manually connecting to those proxies, using one of your browser (click here for instructions on how to do on Firefox). If the problem persists, please raise this issue with your proxy provider. If the problem is not proxy-related, please contact our support team here.

Issue: Browser executable is not found

This error occurs because Multilogin is not able to find the executable file that it can launch. Most likely, the file is just missing. There are two possible reasons: (a) the browser components were not properly downloaded during the installation process, (b) some external program (usually an Anti-virus software) has deleted the file. A solution to this can be the following process:

1. Close Multiloginapp and any Anti-virus software running on your PC
2. Navigate to the\\data folder, which is located in the user directory (C:\Users\%username%\\data  for windows and /Users/%username%/ for Mac)
3. Delete the deps folder
4. Launch Multiloginapp and let it download all the necessary browser components again

Issue: Multilogin is stuck on the loading screen

This typically happens, when an old 1.4.x and 2.x versions are installed. Since the 2.x versions don’t override the old installation directory, it can cause conflicts. Solution to this is the following:

1. Uninstall old Multiloginapp 1.4.x and new Multilogin 2.x versions from the PC
2. Delete root folder (C:\Users\%username%\  for windows and /Users/%username%/ for Mac)
3. Restart PC
4. Install the new 2.x version of Multilogin

Issue: “Timezone by exit IP is missing” error

This happens because our server cannot locate the city of the public IP address. A solution to this issue is to disable “Fill timezone based on the IP” and “Fill geolocation based on the IP”. In order to preserve browser profile consistency, timezone and geo-location must be set manually.

Issue: “The last time you opened Multilogin, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows” on Mac

In order to close this window, it must be terminated through the terminal. A possible way of closing this windows can be found here.

Issue: “Initialization problem detected. Try to restart the interface?” 

Typically, this issue happens when certain ports, which Multilogin utilizes for its operations, are blocked. One of the possible solutions is to disable Firewall completely or whitelist Multilogin.exe and 35000, 35001 ports.

Updated: 05 July, 2018

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