Purchasing additional team member seats

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On May 12, 2021, Multilogin began the transition to a new billing system. If you have any difficulties accessing your billing account, you can contact us via chat or by emailing [email protected].

By default, Team, Scale, and Custom subscriptions include multiple team members seats: 3 for the Team subscription and 7 for Scale and Custom. However, the account owner can expand the team by adding additional seats for its members.

The total cost depends on the number of remaining days of the current subscription.
  1. Log in to your billing account
  2. Go to the “Subscription” tab
  3. In the “Available add-ons” section on the right, specify the needed number of additional team member seats
  4. Click “Purchase” to proceed to payment
  1. Once the payment is processed, the “Team members” counter in the app will update accordingly, and you will be able to add more team members (the application may need to be restarted first).

Adding a team member seat is immediate: the system will create a new invoice, and you will see the change right after the payment.

Removing additional team member seats

  1. Log in to your billing dashboard and click “Subscription”
  2. Click “Manage add-ons” and reduce the number of seats
  3. Click “Confirm changes”
  4. To see the change, you may need to restart your app
Removing a team member seat is delayed: on your next due datethe system deletes the slot from your account and your billing is adjusted accordingly. Before your due date, make sure to delete the extra team members from the app if necessary.

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