Global profile preferences

Updated 9 months ago by Alesja Tsernoseva

Preferences are a set of settings that you can apply globally to the fingerprint builder, which is used when you create a profile with auto-generated settings. This option is located in the 'My account' -> 'Preferences' section.

Using this section you can:

  1. Define the range of screen resolution values, which will be automatically generated upon new browser profile creation
  2. Pick the default browser, which will be automatically selected when creating a new profile
  3. Select the default Navigator Language value, which will be applied for either of the browsers upon creating a new profile
  4. Turn on "Strict mode" trigger to ensure you will only get browser fingerprints that strictly correspond to the current core version of a browser.

Strict mode feature

While "Strict mode" feature limits the diversity of fingerprints, it helps mitigate certain browser fingerprinting vectors. For example, if Mimic core version is 70 but the newest Chrome version is 72, normally you will be getting fingerprints for version 69 to 72. However, with Strict mode turned on you will only get fingerprints for the 70th version.

Enabling this feature affects all new browser profiles. It is switched off by default.

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