Proxies & IP masking

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​Why do I need to use proxies?

While Multilogin masks all the necessary browser fingerprints, a proxy helps masking your real IP and IP-dependent parameters so that you are not detected. You should use a different proxy for each browser profile where you have a separate account on your target website.

We recommend using high-quality proxies from reputable providers. Poor-quality proxies might reveal your real information or end up on a blacklist, making it easier for websites to spot them. This could lead to restrictions or even a ban on your account.

If you are looking for a great proxy provider, check out the list of our partners that offer special discounts for Multilogin users.

Do you provide proxies?

We do not – but we can recommend a few providers. Remember: using high-quality proxies is very encouraged because it is one of the key aspects that determines your success rates.

  • Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is the largest and oldest residential proxy network in the world. We recommend them for web scraping and high-load automation.
  • NodeMaven is a relatively new provider that focuses on high-quality, clean residential proxies. Their IP ranges are very clean and accepted by the majority of websites. We recommend them for account management on Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay, and many other platforms. Mention the ML2023 coupon to their support to get 1 GB extra in bandwidth with your first purchase.

Using proxies

  1. Сheck your agent status in the top right corner: it should be connected
  2. Click “Location & Proxy“ in profile settings
  3. Select the proxy type (HTTP, HTTPS, or Socks 5)
  4. Put your proxy details into the fields below (IP or host, port, login, password)
  5. Click “Check proxy“: you should see a message “Proxy test passed“
Proxy test failed? Check out this guide.

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