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It is always better to collect cookie files before getting started with websites.

Nowadays, websites gather information about your browsing history long before you have an account with them. They accomplish this by placing cookies in your browser.

Websites cannot see cookies planted by other websites. However, cookies can be transmitted with any piece of content, like a web page or an image. For example, since the Facebook pixel, like button, share button and comment form are placed on many websites, Facebook can plant a cookie with your unique identifier on your computer when you visit any of them. Later, it can read this cookie, thus tracking your movements across the internet. So, if you want to look like a regular user in websites' eyes, you need to have cookies in your browser profiles.

CookieRobot helps to automate cookie gathering. Just add a list of website URLs where you want to collect cookies and launch automation in a single click.

We recommend adding many popular websites, so that the CookieRobot can gather cookie files from different sources.

To access CookieRobot, click on browser profile settings and select "Run CookieRobot":

You can specify the URLs, the time that CookieRobot will spend on each website, and whether you need to close and save the browser after the CookieRobot has finished collecting cookies:

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