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To emulate the behavior of a regular user and avoid raising suspicion while managing multiple accounts, it's essential to use cookies. Collect cookies while creating a browser profile and ensure that the profile has cookie history before proceeding to work on target websites and accounts.

The same-origin policy prevents websites from seeing cookies from other domains, but cookies can still be sent to the target website through certain identifiers or tracking scripts. For instance, Facebook and Google use such scripts, which enables them to plant cookies with unique identifiers on the computer that visits their pixels or analytic scripts. By reading this cookie file, they can track your browsing history across the internet.

CookieRobot simplifies the process of collecting cookies by allowing you to automate this task. All you need to do is input a list of links and initiate automation with just one click, saving you valuable time and effort.

We recommend adding many popular websites, so that CookieRobot can collect cookie files from different sources. Check out this article for more useful tips!

To access CookieRobot, click on browser profile settings and select "Run CookieRobot":

You can specify the URLs, the time that CookieRobot will spend on each website, and whether you need to close and save the browser after the CookieRobot has finished collecting cookies:

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