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The REST APIs provide a programmatic access to read and write data of Multilogin browser profiles. Create a new browser profile, get a list of all browser profiles, add a browser profile to a group and more.

REST API endpoints

Our Rest API endpoints are available in our Swagger documentation (A.k.a OpenAPI Specification).

User authentication and API token

All requests are authenticated by the user’s access token (per-login basis), which is sent along with the desired endpoint. The token can be found in the file, which is located in the  following directory:


You need to be actively logged in the account, for which you want to get an access token for.

Important note: This authentication token is equivalent to your account password. Keep it secret and do not share it with someone you do not trust.

Plan limits

REST APIs are only available for users with Start-up and Business accounts with certain endpoints limited to the number of requests per second.

If an API is accessed from a subscription plan, which does not include REST APIs usage, the server will respond with the following error:


Rate limits

Rate limits are applicable to all paid plan subscriptions. They differ by two endpoint types:

  • API rate for List endpoints is 2 requests/minute.
  • For all other requests, limits are 10 requests/minute.

Upon reaching the limit, the server will respond with the following error:

{"status":"ERROR","value":"rate limit exceeded."}

Increased API rate limits are available in our custom plans. For further information, please contact our support team.

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