File system and logs

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In this article you'll learn where to find logs and profile data, as well as other important app components.

File system path

This is where you can find the Multilogin folder in your file system:

  • Windows: C:\Users\%username%\mlx
  • macOS: /Users/%username%/mlx
  • Linux: /home/%username%/mlx

Folder structure

Here's an overview of all the related folders and their functions:

  • configs: this folder contains additional configurations for the launcher
  • deps: here you'll find your downloaded browser cores
    • launcher: this folder stores version-specific subfolders, which house the executable for the agent
  • logs: the log files in this folder are invaluable for troubleshooting and diagnosing any issues – feel free to share them with support
  • profiles: here you'll find profile-related data, organized by user, workspace, and profile IDs

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