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This functionality allows you to quickly edit some of your browser profile settings without leaving the main app window. Visit this article to view a full list of profile settings that you can edit.

Quick edit sidebar is available starting from Multilogin 5.17.3. You can download the latest version here.

How to use the Quick edit sidebar

To edit your profiles using this functionality, you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Open your profile list and click on the name of the profile that you would like to edit
  2. A menu will open on the right of your profile list
  3. Once the necessary changes are made, click "Save changes"
  4. You can close the sidebar by clicking on the profile name, on the cross icon or on "Discard changes" if you prefer to quit without saving

Available options

Here is a list of actions you can complete using the Quick edit sidebar.

  1. Change the profile name
  2. Update the profile (you will see a green "Update" button if an update is available)
  3. Edit proxy details and check proxy
You can edit proxy details in a launched profile, but this change will take effect only after a profile restart.
  1. Edit profile notes
  2. Activate session lock (available in Team, Scale and Custom subscriptions)
  3. Check the Profile ID and copy it if necessary

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