Quick browser profiles

Updated 4 months ago by Yelena

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The Quick browser profile functionality allows creating one-use profiles that do not need saving.

  1. Click "Quick" in the left app menu
  2. Click "Edit" to add a list of proxies using the provided example (for “Proxy type” specify HTTP or SOCKS5)
    1. IP:Port:Proxy type:username:password
    2. Hostname:Port:Proxy type:username:password
    3. IP:Port:Proxy type
  3. Choose the sequence in which proxies will be set for each new profile
    1. Sequentially: the next time you launch a quick browser, it will connect to the next proxy on the list, moving from top to bottom
    2. Randomly: the next time you create a quick browser profile, the app will choose a proxy from the list randomly 

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