Screen resolution spoofing

Updated 1 year ago by Daniel

Screen resolution spoofing method replaces your actual screen resolution with a random but commonly used screen resolution, which can typically be found in desktop or laptop machines. When screen resolution spoofing is enabled, Multiloginapp will open the browser profile in a window, which is maximized to that resolution.

Important! Never maximize or change browser window size while spoofing the screen resolution.  This is due to the fact that some websites may try to reveal that you are spoofing your screen resolution. They will utilize Javascript functions to measure the height and width of the website and compare it to the screen resolution parameter of your browser. If it turns out that the former is greater than the latter, they will find out that you are spoofing your actual screen resolution.

Unfortunately, the abovementioned insecurity cannot be addressed within the standard browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera). However, the problem is resolved in StealthFox browser, our custom-built Firefox-based browser. StealthFox windows will open with a size that corresponds to the browser resolution being spoofed and will prevent you from maximizing browser windows beyond that resolution.

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