CLI commands

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Since version 1.3.8, Multiloginapp supports Command Line Interface (CLI) commands. This guide will introduce the basic CLI commands, which can be used with Multiloginapp and provide usage examples.

To see all available commands and their syntax, open multiloginapp-cli.bat file, which is located in Multiloginapp installation folder (default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiLoginApp).

Login to Multiloginapp account:

multiloginapp-cli.bat -login -u -p password123456

Restrict token access:

multiloginapp-cli.bat -restrict-access -tag "the tag name"

This command is required to restrict visibility of sessions on an individual machine. E.g. machine A logins account and should see only sessions tagged with “EXAMPLETAG”. Then you should first open Multiloginapp console, then login accounts using “login” command, then run “-restrict-access” command with -tag “EXAMPLETAG” parameter.

Launch a browser profile:

multiloginapp-cli.bat -start-profile "199ed90d-b351-4762-9cb9-157c9c1fa1ca"

Remove a browser profile:

multiloginapp-cli.bat -remove-profile "199ed90d-b351-4762-9cb9-157c9c1fa1ca"

Create a browser profile (this function returns the ID of created profile):


multiloginapp-cli.bat -create-profile -name "profile name" -browser-type chrome


multiloginapp-cli.bat -create-profile -name "profile name" -browser-type chrome -notes "my notes" -proxy-type http -proxy-host -proxy-port 8080 -proxy-user theuser -proxy-pw pass -proxy-ip-validation true -disable-plugins true -disable-flash false -disable-webrtc false -ua "Chrome User Agent value" -zf true -cd true -language "en,de" -tz "America/New_York" -screen-width 800 -screen-height 600 -load-extensions "extension1.crx;extension2.crx"

Valid browser-type values: chrome, firefox, opera, stealth_fox
Valid proxy-type values: http, socks4, socks5
Valid proxy-ip-validation, disable-plugins, disable-flash, disable-webrtc, zf, cd: true, false

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