Managing invoices

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Paying an invoice

  1. Log in to your Billing dashboard
  2. Click “Invoices” “Pay now”
  3. After the payment is confirmed, you may need to restart the app to see the change

Available currencies

We can only accept payments in EUR and cryptocurrencies. If you choose to pay with PayPal or a card in a different currency, the amount will be automatically converted according to your bank’s exchange rate.

Checking the due date

To check your next payment date, log in to your billing dashboard and click “Subscription”. The “Next billing“ line will indicate your payment date.

Understanding invoice amount

Our billing system calculates the amount due based on how many days are left in your billing cycle and your subscription price. Therefore, if you renew a subscription on a day different from your usual billing date, the amount is adjusted accordingly.

Downloading an invoice

  1. Log in to your billing dashboard
  2. Go to the “Invoices” tab
  3. Click on the black arrow on the right of each invoice to download it

Our VAT policy

According to the EU tax law, we are obliged to include VAT with every purchase. Therefore, regardless of the chosen payment method, your invoice will include VAT if you are located in the EU.

You can be exempt from VAT by providing a valid VAT number (except for Estonian companies, as in this case the purchase is made within the country and VAT applies anyway).

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