Cryptocurrency payments

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Paying an invoice

To make the payment, log in to your billing dashboard and click “Invoices”  “Pay now“, then check out the official step-by-step guide on how to pay a cryptocurrency invoice via our provider CoinGate.

Available cryptocurrencies

We accept over 50 cryptocurrencies – you can check out the full list here. Specifically, we accept such popular options as TRC-20 and ERC-20.

To make the payment, log in to your billing dashboard and click “Invoices”  “Pay now“:

  • For TRC-20: select the TRON network first
  • For ERC-20: select the Ethereum network first

Using exchanges and web wallets

Please try to avoid using exchanges and web wallets for cryptocurrency payments in our system. These solutions can lead to delays and impose additional fees. We recommend using open-source wallets where you have full control over the amount and timing of transactions. Check out this guide for more information.

Handling expired invoices

My crypto order has expired

If you haven’t paid your crypto invoice yet, you can generate a new link in your billing dashboard by clicking “Invoices”  “Pay now”.

I paid, but my crypto order has expired

If you have paid your crypto invoice, but the order shows up as expired, you can still request CoinGate to accept your payment.

  1. Visit your payment link again and click “Refund request“
  2. Enter your details and tick the box next to "Accept if possible, and mark the invoice as "Paid", instead of refunding me"
    1. If possible, CoinGate will accept your payment and your subscription will be activated
    2. If not possible, CoinGate will refund the amount you paid to the provided wallet, and you will need to pay the invoice again

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