Error: Mimic/Stealthfox executable is not found

Updated 9 months ago by Alesja Tsernoseva

This error occurs because Multilogin is not able to find the executable file that it can launch. Most likely, the file is just missing. There are two possible reasons: (a) the browser components were not properly downloaded during the installation process, (b) some external program (usually an Anti-virus software) has deleted the file. A solution to this can be the following process:

  1.  Close Multilogin and any Anti-virus software running on your PC
  2. Navigate to the\\data folder, which is located in the user directory (C:\Users\%username%\\data  for windows and /Users/%username%/ for Mac)
  3.  Delete the deps folder
  4. Launch Multilogin and let it download all the necessary browser components again

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