Proxies & IP masking FAQ

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Do you provide proxies?

We do not provide proxies, but if you are looking for a great proxy provider, check out the list of our partners that offer special discounts for Multilogin users.

How do I know my proxy type?

You can check it with your proxy provider or find out on your own. To see if your proxy is residential or datacenter, head over to and look for the "Usage Type" parameter. Alternatively, see the "ISP" parameter right above and google its name. If the ISP is a web hosting company, you most likely have a datacenter proxy, and if the ISP offers wireless communications, telephone, data/broadband and internet services, the proxy should be residential.

Can I use a VPN or proxy apps with Multilogin?

Third-party apps like antivirus, firewalls, VPN apps, and certain proxy applications (Proxifier and SocksEscort) installed on your computer may conflict with Multilogin. We recommend uninstalling such apps, but you can also try to disable them or whitelist Multilogin applications and its folders in their settings.

If you want to utilize Multilogin with a VPN, please note that only OpenVPN protocol is supported.

Keep in mind that if you are using a VPN, you won't be able to assign different IP addresses to each browser profile and work with several profiles at the same time. In this case, you will have to work with browser profiles one-by-one and change the IP address before opening each browser profile individually. 

Do I need a new proxy for each browser profile?

If you are using Multilogin for multiple accounts – then yes, it is better to have a different IP (proxy) for each browser profile to make sure they have different IP-dependent data (geolocation, WebRTC, Timezone).

If you use a 4G hotspot, you need to restart it to get a new IP

Google search results show incorrect geolocation

You can try the solutions below if you notice that Google search results indicate a wrong location, while our fingerprint checker shows the correct one.

  • Set up custom DNS
  • Try to click "Update location" on the Google search result page (at the bottom)
  • Use another high-quality proxy provider

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