Proxy connection

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Check the agent

First, check your agent status in the top right corner: it should be connected. The agent is a desktop app that runs in the background and makes it possible to launch browser profiles.

Check the proxy

Then check your proxy: go to profile settings and click “Location & Proxy” → “Check proxy”. If you get the error “Proxy test failed”, it means that Multilogin couldn't connect to the proxy. This usually happens if the proxy is offline. You can check this by connecting to it through a regular browser.

  • Use a browser extension to test a proxy in Firefox or Chrome
  • You can also refer to this article for instructions on how to test a proxy on Windows and macOS

If the proxy doesn’t work through a regular browser, reach out to your proxy provider for further assistance.

Check 3rd-party apps

Antivirus, firewall, VPN, and certain proxy applications (Proxifier and SocksEscort) installed on your computer may block Multilogin from working correctly. The best option here is to uninstall such apps, but you can also try to disable them or whitelist Multilogin in their settings.

Check the ISP

Some internet service providers may block proxy providers, and vice versa. To check if that is the case for you, try connecting to a VPN, another Wi-Fi network, or use mobile internet as a hotspot. This can also help if the speed of your current ISP is slow.

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