Opening and closing browser profiles

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Once the browser profile is created, it's ready to be used.

Opening a browser profile

Click on the "Start" button alongside the browser profile to open it. Upon launch, Multilogin will start configuring the browser profile to emulate a unique online user.  You are now ready to use the browser profile for a specific website, where you want to log in, for example, Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail etc.

Closing a browser profile

    In order to stay logged in on the next session launch, you need to exit the browser by clicking the Multilogin button located on the right side of the URL bar of the opened browser profile. This will save all cookies and the tabs so that they will get restored once you access the browser profile again.

    If you close the browser in a traditional way (using the X button), session data will not be saved.

    If you have Local and Extension storages enabled in the settings of your browser profiles, after clicking the Multilogin button,  local storage, indexedDB and extension data will be saved. Consequently, it will also restore it, once you launch the profile again.

    After the Multilogin button is clicked, your session data will immediately start storing data on our servers. Wait until everything is synced and saved in order to launch the profile again.

    All of your stored data is encrypted. This way only you, the password owner, have access to your session data. Learn more about how it works here.

    Closing a browser profile on Multilogin 3.x

    Unlike 2.x version, 3.x allows you to close and save the browser profiles in a traditional way (using the X button). Session data will also be saved.

    Clicking the Multilogin button located on the right side of the URL bar of the opened browser profile will give you two options:
    "Close browser and save"
    - will save your tabs and session data. It is the same as closing the browser using the X button.
    "Close browser without saving"
    - no information will be saved.

    Bring session window to front button

    “Bring to front” button allows quickly switching to an active session window. The window will be moved on top of all other windows.

    Session save and close button

    The STOP button in the main application interface allows saving and closing of a session without switching to its browser window.

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