Transferring profiles to Multilogin from another solution

Updated 4 months ago by Yelena

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If you are switching to Multilogin from a different antidetect solution, you might need to transfer your existing profile data as well. Here are our recommendations on how to complete this transfer.

  1. Export cookies from your old browser
  2. Check out this guide on how to get a Multilogin subscription if you haven’t subscribed yet
  3. Create a Multilogin browser, selecting parameters that match or are similar to your old browser:
    1. Select the browser type based on the same core (Mimic for Chromium and Stealthfox for Firefox)
    2. Add the same proxy or a proxy with the same geolocation
  4. Import cookies to your new Multilogin browser
Note that it may not be possible to recreate a 100% copy of your old browser in Multilogin, since the parameters in Multilogin and your old browser may differ. Try to match as many parameters as possible – check out this page with a full explanation of each Multilogin browser profile setting.

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