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If you encounter an error while opening the Multilogin app as shown on the screenshot below, then we have a solution on how to fix it.

Here are some solutions on how to fix this issue:

First solution:

One of the reasons why such an error can occur is slow internet connection. In order to make sure of that, please try the following steps:

  1. Close the Multilogin application
  2. Connect to a different network, such as your mobile hotspot, VPN or proxy network
  3. Restart the app and let it download the components again

Second solution:

Antivirus or Firewall installed on your computer may block Multilogin from downloading the components. You can disable the antivirus or whitelist the Multilogin app on your antivirus software.

Third solution:

If none of the above steps help, you can try re-downloading browser components:

  1. Navigate to the \\data folder, which is located in the user directory (C:\Users\%username%\\data for Windows, and /Users/%username%/ for Mac)
  2. Delete the deps folder
  3. Launch Multilogin and let it download all the necessary browser components again

Fourth solution:

  1. Navigate to the \ folder, which is located in the user directory (C:\Users\%username%\ for Windows, and /Users/%username%/ for Mac)
  2. Find there a file name and open it with any text editor. For example notepad.
  1. Add multiloginapp.connection_eu = true to your file
  1. Save and close the application file, reopen the app.

Fifth solution:

Check if your computer matches the system requirements, and we require at least 1GB of free storage space for installation.

If none of the above solutions help, please send us your Multilogin log files.

To make sure the log file has the precise information we need, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart Multilogin
  2. Try to prompt that error message
  3. Send all log files from the log directory.     

NB: Do not close the software at this point!

You can open your log directory by clicking 'My account' and navigating to 'Open logs directory' - it will open a file containing the log files. Here's a screenshot of where this is located:

Please archive all files containing in that folder and send the ZIP or RAR file by email to [email protected]

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