Retrieving profile, folder, and workspace IDs

Updated 2 days ago by Yelena

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These details are required to run the majority of API requests with Multilogin X. Let's explore how to get them using DevTools.

  1. Go to the "Browser profiles" page in Multilogin X.
  2. Open DevTools. Here's how to do that for Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers:
    1. Windows and Linux: press Ctrl + Shift + I
    2. macOS: press Cmd + Option + I
  3. Switch to the "Network" tab in the DevTools panel
    To clear the logs you can click the button highlighted on tooltip #2.
  4. Click on the profile name you want to check the details for
  5. In the logs appearing in DevTools, search for metas and click on it
  6. Switch to the "Response" tab in the newly opened panel, where you will find the profile, folder, and workspace ID

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