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  • Can I import and export cookies to Multilogin browser profiles? 

You will need to use third-party browser extensions for Cookie files import/export in Multilogin. For the Mimic browser you can use EditThisCookie extension and for Stealthfox it can be Cookie Import Export addon. Please take a look at our documentation about extensions and add-ons.

  • Can I use my Multilogin account on multiple machines at the same time? 

Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended opening the same browser profile from multiple machines at the same time as it might corrupt the session data of your browser profiles. In order to avoid simultaneous launches, you can use groups for your browser profiles distribution.

Users with Team and Scale plans can check browser profile status (indicator) before pressing the Start button.

  • Can I use my browser profiles on multiple machines? 

Yes, you can. But please bear in mind, that we do not recommend using browser profiles from multiple machines. Why is it not recommended you can find out from our documentation about hardware fingerprints (you can also read the answer for the question number 7 below).

  • Can I use Multilogin on a virtual machine?

Yes, you can. Please check Multilogin system requirements before setting up your virtual machine or buying VPS. If you have any question about how to use Multilogin in virtual machines or VPS, please send your question to

  • Does Multilogin work with VPN/proxy?

Multilogin works with VPN (only OpenVPN protocol supported) and proxy. Please bear in mind that if you are planning to work with VPN you won't be able to assign different IP addresses to each browser profile and work with several profiles at the same time. In this case, you will have to work with browser profiles one-by-one and change the IP address before opening each next browser profile. Here is also a cool video discussion about VPN vs Proxies if you can't decide which solution works the best for you.

  • Do you provide proxies?

We do not provide any proxies, IPs and other internet connection services for that matter. We specialize in the browser fingerprinting and automation. However, we have a list of recommended proxy providers here, please check them if you are interested.

  • If I open my browser profile on a different machine will it have the same fingerprints?

If you open the browser profile on various machines with different hardware installed, the website will see that. You may check this video with the detailed explanation. If non-changing readouts are required on multiple devices, then there are few solutions:

a) Run Multilogin on identically configured Virtual Machines (VM) or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with Hardware fingerprints set to Noise mode. Since these machines will be set up the same way, the masked Canvas fingerprints will remain consistent on multiple machines.

b) Run Multilogin on identical PC models with the same hardware, driver and OS setup. Since these machines have the same hardware setup, the masked hardware prints will remain consistent on multiple machines.

c) Run Multilogin on the same Mac computers. The same logic applies, but also help better blend in as it’s described in above.

  • Can I emulate a mobile user?

You can define a Mobile User Agent in the user agent field. However, we do not have the database of these user agents (nor we have them in any other paid Plan). You will have to use other external databases. For example this one: or this:

Also, if you are defining a mobile user agent, then you need to make sure it's consistent with other Navigator values, which you define in the settings. Here's a screenshot of what we mean:

List of corresponding platform values can found here:

However, we need to point out that this is a slightly limited approach because websites can also validify if the user is indeed a mobile by checking for battery and touchscreen availability, which is not yet implemented in Multilogin. The good thing is that not all websites check for these fingerprints and defining platform value + user-agent is mostly enough. 

  • Can I change the starting page?

It is under the custom plan and requires development hence. If you do need it then please contact

If you are worried that websites will read its cookies and find out that you are a Multilogin user, we've got some good news for you. Websites can only see those cookies that belong to the domain that requests them. This means that cookies can be seen by will see cookies from only. This is called Same origin policy, that exists since the creation of browsers, so there is no need to worry that other websites will see that you open

  • How do I restore an accidentally deleted profile?

Unfortunately, once the profile had been deleted, it cannot be restored, as the information is also deleted from our server.

  • How can I re-download Browser components?

For Windows: 

  1. Close Multilogin
  2. Go the C:\Users\%username%\\data directory
  3. Delete the deps folder
  4. Launch Multilogin and let it download all the necessary browser components again

For Mac OS:

  1. Open Multilogin, go to My account tab and press "Log directory".
  2. Change Finder view settings
  3. Delete the deps folder
  4. Launch Multilogin and let it download all the necessary browser components again
  • How can I mask passive OS fingerprint (TCP/IP fingerprint)?

TCP/IP fingerprint is a connection fingerprint, and Multilogin cannot affect it in any way.

We do not find this fingerprint to be critical because too many regular users have OS and Passive OS mismatch as well.

Each OS has a different network package size and this is actually how TCP/IP OS (aka passive OS) fingerprint works. If you use proxies, most likely you will have a different OS from your real one because the proxy server intercepts your network packages and repacks them. Also, in this case user's Passive OS fingerprint can show Linux.

We know that websites do not rely on passive OS fingerprint as it is inaccurate in most cases. This fingerprint can only be replaced on the proxy level. Our partners Airsocks have this function implemented. Alternatively you can use hotspot connection.

  • Can websites see my Mac address?

We know that websites cannot detect your Mac address through a browser, at least according to our research. Your MAC address is part of the low-level network stack and is not propagated from one subnet to another. Hypothetically, Google may be able to get this information using some hidden built-in process in Chrome. However, it's highly speculative and is not based on any real evidence.

  • Can I use 911 S5 proxies with Multilogin?

Yes, Multilogin supports 991 S5 proxies. You can read more about 911 S5 proxies setup here.

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