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Hello and welcome to Multilogin! We hope you will enjoy working with us 😎 On this page you will find the general info that might be useful in your journey.

Multilogin is available in 3 languages: English, Russian and Chinese. To change the language, navigate to the “My Account” section in the application. Download the app to sign up for an account and get started.

Knowledge Base

Here are some useful links that will help you get started:

  • Watch videos on our YouTube channel
  • Check FAQ, useful guides and learn more about Multilogin in our Documentation
  • Looking for more in-depth reading? Check out our Blog


Click here to log in to your billing account.

Subscription cycles available: 1 month (the default one), semi-annual and annual. If you want to switch your payment cycle type, contact our support team in chat (available within the application, website and on the billing page) or at our email address at [email protected].

Payment methods supported: Credit Card, PayPal and CoinGate (crypto). Payment method type can be updated in the billing account directly.

The list of cryptocurrencies supported by CoinGate is here.
Multilogin status page shows the status of each Multilogin service – you can subscribe for updates too.
We recommend updating Multilogin to the latest versions to ensure the most stable and secure workflow. Check out our Release Notes and Telegram channel to see what's new!

How to create a browser profile

Each profile has a distinct and native combination of fingerprints.

To create a browser profile, use the following guide:

  1. Open your Multilogin application.
  2. Click “Create New” in the left navigation panel
  3. Enter the name of the browser profile
  4. Select Operating System, browser type, add proxy (if needed)
  5. Click “Create profile”
Find detailed instructions on browser profile management here.

🎦Managing multiple accounts with Multilogin

Multilogin Support

🕐 Office hours

English-speaking support agents are here to help 24/7!
Russian support: 9:00-23:00 UTC+3
Chinese support: 8:00-22:00 UTC+8
Vietnamese: partially available (email us at [email protected])

How to contact: chat (available in the application, website, and billing pages) and email [email protected].

Beware of fakes! We support users through our official chat and email only!
Telegram and WeChat channels are used for news and announcements only, and all payments are processed through our official billing platform. If you've faced suspicious emails or social media channels, kindly notify us via email.

We can help with

  • Everything about application features, managing browser profiles, teamwork, and billing. We can also advise on specific settings, cookie warm-up strategies and the results of our research in the industry of browser fingerprinting — simply check our knowledge base or ask us directly!
  • Optimization of browser profile settings — you can adjust all the settings manually or use the Multilogin built-in optimization tool that automatically adjusts its internal mechanics to work with your target websites. To run an optimization tool, navigate to “My Account” → “Application settings” section. Details are here.
  • We also help with automation, however, we do not provide automation support via chat. These questions are handled by our engineers via email [email protected].
    We support Selenium and Puppeteer automation. Want to know more? Check out our API documentation!

We can advise on

  • Custom code: our team can provide you with guides on how to start using browser automation, as well as code examples for tests. Please note that we can't help with writing custom automation scripts for your purposes.
    We recommend inviting your developers to Multilogin to help with automation. In the meantime, we have provided several code snippets here.
  • Proxies/VPNs: we don't sell proxies, VPNs, or other IP-masking solutions. If you are looking for a proxy provider to use in Multilogin, we have a list of recommended ones here: Multilogin partners.
  • User accounts and cookie files. Although you can import cookie files, we also encourage trying our CookieRobot tool that collects browser history automatically. As for old accounts, our research shows that newly created accounts in Multilogin browser profiles have stable fingerprints, which makes them more secure. Learn more on this topic here: What are the risks of buying or renting old online accounts?
Video on the topic

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