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Can you restore a deleted profile?

Sadly, it is not possible for us to restore a deleted profile. Once you click “Delete“, the data is wiped from the server completely.

Can I export a profile list?

You can export a profile list containing the profile name, its parent group and the last edited date.

  1. Open up your profile list in the app
  2. Select profiles you need (maximum 50 at a time) and click “Export“ in the bottom menu

Do you have local profiles?

No. Multilogin profiles are cloud-based: whenever you stop a profile, your session data gets encrypted and uploaded to our AWS cloud servers. Each time you start a profile, your data is downloaded to it.

We are working on local profiles that could be stored on your device. Subscribe to our Telegram channel @multilogin to get notified as soon as this feature is available!

Can data leak between profiles?

No. We mean absolutely not :) Each Multilogin browser profile is a completely separate virtual environment. Cookies, local storage, and other files are completely isolated and cannot leak between profiles.

How many profiles can I run at the same time?

Multilogin profiles consume the same resources as regular Chrome browser instances. If you can run 20 Chrome instances at the same time on your device, most likely you'll be able to do the same in Multilogin. Keep in mind that the following 3 aspects can decrease the speed of your profiles and increase resource consumption, lowering the overall performance:

  • If you use a proxy in each profile
  • If you perform resource intensive actions (for example, play media files) and open multiple tabs per browser
  • If your system characteristics can’t handle the load (our system requirements can be found here)

In order to run more profiles at the same time, we recommend taking into account the above points, while spreading the load evenly throughout the day and having a delay between launching each profile.

Can I emulate a mobile user?

Yes, you can – in Multilogin you can create an Android browser. Note that iOS browsers are not available.

Should I use Mimic or Stealthfox?

Choosing between the two is a matter of your personal preference, as both browsers include an equally reliable fingerprinting technology. However, we do recommend using Stealthfox for Google accounts, as this setup has showed good results in our recent research.

  • Mimic is built on Chrome
  • Stealthfox is built on Firefox

Can I change the start page?

Yes, this option is available for all subscription plans starting from version 6.0.3 Luna. The link can be added on the "Overview" page of your profile settings and in the following format:

Note that websites can not check if you have visited our checker page:

Websites can only see those cookies that belong to the domain that requests them. This means that Multilogin cookies can be seen by Multilogin, Facebook will see cookies from Facebook, etc. This is called the same-origin policy (SOP), which exists since the creation of browsers.

Where is the profile ID?

  1. Open up your profile list in the app
  2. Click on the browser profile name
  3. Quick edit sidebar will open – scroll down and copy the ID

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