Multilogin gets a black screen

Updated 1 month ago by Zhanna Pershuta

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When Multilogin gets a black screen after prolonged periods of inactivity, you need to check if your computer matches our system requirements. Only 64-bit operating systems are supported, and at least 1 GB of free storage space is required for installation.

If your computer matches the system requirements, it means that the black screen issue is related to the application architecture and will be fixed in future releases.

Here are some solutions on how to avoid a black screen issue and data loss.

Save session data before closing the app

When Multilogin gets a black screen, the launched browser profiles are still active. So it is recommended to save session data by clicking the Multilogin button located on the right side of the URL bar of the opened browser profile. Simply choose the "Close & Save" option in the drop-down menu. This will force saving all cookies and the tabs so that they will be restored once you access the browser profile again.

Re-open the app approximately every 10 hours

We suggest re-opening the app approximately every 10 hours or so to avoid its crash.

Update to the latest stable version

This issue is partially fixed in the latest stable version Unity 5.17.2. You may download it here. However, it may crash if the app is opened for longer than 10 hours.

Headless mode

If you use only automation features, we recommend using our application in headless mode, as the issue does not occur there. However, browser profiles cannot be launched in headless mode. You still need to have a system with graphical interface in order to use them.

As soon as we fix the issue, we will post the information in our Release notes and Telegram channel. If you would like us to inform you personally, contact our support team and we will add you to the waiting list.

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