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Check out our plan comparison here and choose the one based on the number of profiles and team members you need, as well as automation availability. In this article, we will talk about the main advantages of each subscription plan for your business.

Regular plans

Solo: 100 profiles

Works best for individual entrepreneurs with small projects. This plan includes all fingerprinting features, and you can use it on multiple computers too!

Team: 300 profiles, 3 team members*

A great option for small teams with special features:

  • Active session lock, which prevents users from accessing the same profiles if they are already running
  • Team members, which are separate Multilogin accounts with their own login credentials: you can sort profiles into groups and give your team members different levels of access rights
  • Profile transfers to other Multilogin accounts

Scale: 1000 profiles, 7 team members*, Automation access

The best option for large teams and automation users. In addition to the active session lock, team members and profile transfers, this plan allows you to automate repetitive tasks using our own builds of Selenium and Puppeteer.

*You can buy additional team member slots in your billing account at any time.

Bigger plans

If the default Solo, Team, and Scale subscription plans are too small, we offer subscription customization that fully depends on your requirements. Contact our support team to request a Custom plan.

Smaller plans

We do not offer plans with less than 100 profiles. The simple reason is that we charge for our top-notch technology, and not the number of profiles. We put a lot of effort into Multilogin development and browser fingerprinting research to offer the very best experience to our customers.

In the future, other plans may become available. Subscribe to our Telegram channel @multilogin to stay updated and get the best deals!

You can also get special offers from our partners – check out this page to learn more :)

Free trials

While we do not offer a trial plan, you can still try out Multilogin, because we do have a full money-back guarantee within the first 14 days of use. If something doesn’t work out, simply contact us within the said period, and we will issue a full refund.

We encourage you to download Multilogin, create an account, choose a subscription plan and test our app within 2 weeks.

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