Browser profile settings

Updated 1 month ago by Alesja Tsernoseva

Browser profile settings are a set of parameters that describe the behavior of your browser profiles.

Start URL 

Start URL  settings are only available in custom plans. Contact us to learn more.

When a browser profile is launched, a web page is opened by default, which displays your Public IP and user-agent information.

You are able to define a custom page or completely disable it by using the 'Start URL' setting, which is located in the 'Other' page of the browser profile configuration view.

Active session lock

Active session lock settings are only available for Team, Scale and custom plans. Solo plans have this setting disabled by default.

By default, a browser profile cannot be launched on multiple computers at the same time. This is done in order to avoid a situation, where a website will see you accessing the same login instance from multiple sessions at the same time, which is a very untypical scenario. 

However, you are able to override this setting by disabling the 'Active session lock' option, which is located in the 'Other' section of the browser profile configuration view. 

Enable Google Services

"Enable Google Services" function allows using Google services such as Maps, Translate and SafeSearch to work in the environment you are used to. 

To start using Google services, turn on “Enable Google services” trigger in the “Other” section of the browser profile settings.

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