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Browser profile settings are a set of parameters that determine the behavior of your browser profiles. This page explains the available values and how you can alter them.


In this section, you can set the following parameters:

  • Profile name
Websites cannot see your profile name, and neither can the Multilogin team, in accordance with our Privacy policy.
  • Group where the profile will be located
  • Operating system

We recommend that it matches your original OS (macOS, Windows, Linux, Android).

In an Android profile, you will not be able to install apps as you do on your phone. This functionality only offers a mobile browser.
  • Browser type

Mimic is built on Chrome and Stealthfox is built on Firefox. Choosing between the two is a matter of your personal preference. If you work with Google Ads, however, we do recommend using Mimic.

You cannot change the browser type after the profile is created.
  • Get new fingerprint

This functionality gives you a new browser fingerprint that looks like a different user for websites online.

Take a look at the "Profile summary" section on the right – it contains a short overview of most of your browser profile settings.


In this section, you can set up your connection type:

  • Without proxy
  • HTTP and Socks proxies
  • Proxy over SSH (POSSH) – check if this option in enabled in the "Plugins" section of your app
  • Bright Data (former Luminati) – check if this option in enabled in the "Plugins" section of your app
  • GeoSurf – check if this option in enabled in the "Plugins" section of your app
Check out our list of recommended proxy providers and get amazing deals!

Timezone, WebRTC, Geolocation

If you are using a proxy, these settings are populated automatically, and you don't need to make any changes. You can learn more about each parameter in the Browser fingerprints section of our website.


This section offers a wide variety of browser fingerprint settings. Multilogin by default sets the optimized values for your browser profiles. To get a better understanding of each of them, you can visit the Browser fingerprints section.


This section introduces additional browser profile parameters:

  • Active session lock: prevents profiles from being started on different computers at the same time
This feature is only available for Team, Scale and Custom plans.
  • Google services: this feature allows the use of Google services (Maps, Translate, etc.)
Enabling Google services is particularly useful if you work with Google Ads.
  • Start URL

When a browser profile is started, it opens the Multilogin checker page by default, which displays your IP, OS, location and your user agent. You can add a different page here that will open by default. This functionality is available in all subscription plans.

Websites cannot see that you've visited the Multilogin checker page.
  • Custom DNS
  • Port scan protection: blocks websites from being able to determine which ports are open on your local network
This feature is particularly useful if you are running Multilogin on a VPS or using a remote connection program such as TeamViewer, RDP, etc.
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